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Do You Know The Feature of The Aquatic Feed?

Release time:2019年03月08日

With the continuous advancement and development of the society, the use of aquatic feed production lines is increasing. To choose the production equipment for aquatic feed, we must first understand the many characteristics of aquatic feed. Let me explain to you:


1. Small size. Due to the short digestive tract and related physiological characteristics of aquatic animals, in order to speed up digestion and absorption, aquatic feed should be smaller than the crushed size of livestock feed.


2. High protein content and low carbohydrate content. The protein content of livestock and poultry feed is generally less than 20%, while the protein content of aquatic animal feed is mostly 30% to 40%, and the protein content of turtle and catfish feed is as high as 65% to 70%.


3. The pellet feed structure is compact, with high cohesiveness and water resistance. The stability of the pellet feed in the water requires more than 2 hours.


4. For aquatic feed production, cross-contamination is strictly prohibited. Some raw materials need to be aseptically processed. The equipment used is easy to clean and has little residue. Especially when producing shrimp and squid feed, other types of feed should not be produced at the same time to prevent cross-contamination.


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