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Key Point on the Use of Frying Equipment

Release time:2019年03月08日

Everyone knows how to operate the fried complete set of equipment when putting food. What are the points that need attention? Let's take a look at it for everyone.

It is necessary to clean the fryer frequently, carry out necessary maintenance, and improve the safety awareness of the operator.

During the production process, when the temperature of the frying equipment rises to the set temperature, slowly put the prepared food into the fryer, so that the food is immersed in the oil. During the operation, the food can be mixed with the tool until the food is fried. In the required state, after the food is fried, the net bag containing the food is lifted from the oil pan and the food is poured into the container. Also note that when frying food, do not touch the water or place the humidified food in the oil pan. Water can also cause oil splashing.

These are some small details that need to be paid attention to when frying a full set of fried foods. Everyone will notice it!

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