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Analysis on the Method of Installation and Commissioning of Corn Puffing Machine---Arrow Machinery

Release time:2019年03月15日

With the continuous development and progress of the society, the use of corn puffing machines is also increasing. What is the method for installing and debugging corn puffing machines? Let me explain to you:


1.Use square or channel steel, make a rectangular base according to the size of the extruder and motor corner hole, fix the extruder and motor on the base, hang the V-belt and tighten.


2. Before use, remove the nozzle, apply some cooking oil on the internal thread of the nozzle and the screw head, re-tighten the nozzle, tighten the front flange, and mix the rear flange.


3. Prepare 100g wet corn before starting


4. Turn on the machine for half a minute. If there is no abnormal sound, you can put the wet corn into the machine one by one. Be careful not to cut the material too fast, so as not to cause the counterfeit or the movement to bite, when the spray is squeaking When the popcorn can be crushed by hand, it can be replaced with dry corn, and gradually increase the amount of material to be cut. Under normal circumstances, 20-30 kg of corn can be swelled per hour.


5. If there is a counter material, it is because the material is too urgent, the nozzle temperature is not enough 120 degrees, then the material should be stopped. The idling will continue to be unloaded when the nozzle is re-sprayed. If it cannot be flowered after 5 minutes, the nozzle should be immediately activated, then stop, and the screw can be unloaded to clean the remaining material and then continue to be used.


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