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Do you understand the use and technical characteristics of food extruders?

Release time:2019年03月16日

With the continuous advancement and development of the society, the use of puffed food machinery is also increasing. What are the features and technical characteristics of the food puffing machine? Let us explain it to you:


The food puffing equipment is a processing equipment that combines various processes such as mixing, shearing, heating, simmering, cooling and forming. It has been widely used in the current industrial production, and the puffing machinery is operated reasonably and correctly. It is the common pursuit of you and me to play the role of puffing machinery.


In order to avoid the clogging of the spiral groove, the feeding should be continuous and uniform, and the material should be dry. When the spiral groove of the extruder is blocked, do not stop immediately. Run it for a while after stopping the feeding until the caramel is smelled. It can avoid the nozzle and the screw sleeve being bitten. In case the nozzle and the screw sleeve can not be removed, do not slam the hard shackle. You can remove it from the body and put it in the fire for a while, then you can remove it.


Before the operation of the food puffing equipment, remove the components such as the machine head, movement and screw, carefully clean the scale and oil on the movement and the screw, then dry and reload. Start the operation for 1 - 2 minutes, the raw materials Slowly add to the feed port, about a small amount of raw material can fill the ring groove of the screw shaft head, stop feeding, and perform friction preheating.


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