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Analysis of the characteristics of processing technology of extrusion extruder -- Arrow Machine

Release time:2019年03月30日

With the continuous advancement and development of the society, the use of  extruders is increasing. What are the characteristics of the extruder processing technology? Let me explain to you:


The extrusion chamber of the modern extrusion technology can be considered as a relatively special continuous reactor. The feed is in the extrusion chamber, and the starch is gelatinized and denatured in the feed by intense extrusion, shearing, rubbing, mixing and extrusion under the conditions of high temperature of 120-160 ° C and high pressure of 4-10 MPa. The inter-components produced strong physical and physicochemical changes, and the materials produced large changes in both macroscopic and microscopic structures. At the same time, the feed has high moisture in the extrusion reactor through high temperature and high pressure, so that the activity of various anti-nutritional factors can be effectively passivated, and harmful bacteria can be completely inactivated.

Therefore, the finished product of the extrusion extruder has the characteristics of good water resistance and stability, easy digestion, high absorption efficiency, low bacteria-containing rate and good safety. Adjusting the relevant parameters of the extrusion extruder can produce a variety of performances such as sinking, floating and semi-floating aquatic feeds, which meet the characteristics and requirements of fish and shrimp aquatic animals.

And extrusion extruders can also be used to improve and increase the value of feed ingredients. Therefore, the quality of aquatic feed produced by modern extrusion extruders is unmatched by other feed molding machines. It can be said that the application prospect of modern extrusion extruder in the feed processing industry is bound to be broad.

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